Potty Training is Overrated

All right, I suppose it isn’t. I suspect that once we are done with this phase of Castle’s life, I will consider the loss of diapers to be no loss at all. Just after another morning involving a poop accident on the floor directly in front of the toilet, I’m not feeling so great about the whole process. A diaper would have been much easier (and less messy) to deal with.

On the plus side, we haven’t had a pee accident at home since Saturday, and only revenge peeing at the schools. It appears he’s disenchanted with the fact that he’s the only one in his class to be potty trained. He would like to also wear diapers at school. Sorry, Castle. Ain’t happening. I’m just going to send 4 changes of clothes instead of two…

(Yes, my child revenge pees. Sometimes I think I’m not raising a little boy but a particularly intelligent cat. This is the kind of thing my cat does — revenge pees, is affectionate when it suits her, remembers I exist when she wants something, those things)


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